JD "Cyan" Thayn

IT & Cybersecurity Student at ATU


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👋 About

Hello there! My name is JD, though you may also know me as Cyan or AnalogCyan. I'm a student at Arkansas Tech University, currently studying Information Technology and Cybersecurity.

👩‍💻 Projects

Here are some miscellaneous things I've either made personally, or have been closely involved in. You can click on any of them to learn more!

Itadakimasu PWA, GPLv3

🔑 Random recipe password generator.

Rati (WIP) Flutter

🖼 An over-engineered photo organizer app.

Green Tomatoes Web

🍅 University project for COMS-4033.

InventorySystem UWP, AGPLv3

🏥 University project for COMS-4043.