JD "Cyan" Thayn
Information Technology

👋 About

Hey there, I'm JD! You may also know me as Cyan or AnalogCyan. I have a degree in Information Technology from Arkansas Tech University. My pronouns are they/them.

I love technology, both new and old. Linguistics, retro video games, speedrunning, and collecting cassette tapes are some other interests of mine. I'm also a strong advocate of proper security in technology (use 2FA & a password manager!).

👩‍💻 Projects

Below are some miscellaneous things I've either made personally, or have been closely involved in. You can click on any of them to learn more! You can also browse my GitHub (linked above) for more things not listed here.

🔮 SwiftWin

PowerShell utility for performing a series of Windows maintenance tasks I commonly use when cleaning up and optimizing a system.

🔑 Itadakimasu

Random recipe password generator web app inspired by episode 'Nice Security Hollywood Terror' of the Random but Memorable podcast from 1Password.

🔗 DNS over RNG

A very bad DNS server implementation that sends you to randomly chosen websites. Made as a joke; not meant to be used as a real DNS server.

🎮 More Vanilla Mobs

Minecraft 1.17+ data pack that implements some of the mobs that technically exist in the game, but don't appear in survival.

🏥 InventorySystem

Medical sample inventory management system, created as our senior project in the COMS 4043 course at Arkansas Tech University.