JD "Cyan" Thayn

Information Technology
Student at ATU


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👋 About

Hello there! My name is JD, though you may also know me as Cyan or AnalogCyan. I'm a student at Arkansas Tech University, currently studying Information Technology.

👩‍💻 Projects

Here are some miscellaneous things I've either made personally, or have been closely involved in. You can click on any of them to learn more! You can also browse my GitHub (linked above) for more things not listed here.

Itadakimasu PWA, GPLv3

🔑 Random recipe password generator.

Rati (WIP) Flutter

🖼 An over-engineered photo organizer app.

Green Tomatoes Web

🍅 University project for COMS-4033.

InventorySystem UWP, AGPLv3

🏥 University project for COMS-4043.